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Oregon Law Summer Sports Institute


The Oregon Law Summer Sports Institute's comprehensive curriculum introduces aspiring sports lawyers to a broad range of legal topics relevant to the practice of sports law. healy (2)The Institute features a unique mix of classes, lectures and career panels, each led by experts in their respective fields. During this rigorous five-week program, students will immerse themselves in the wide world of sports law.

We understand, however, that not every student who is interested in learning about sports law will actually go on to practice sports law. With that in mind, we view sports law as a subset of business law. By using the sports industry as a case study, we believe we train not only the best sports lawyers, but the best business lawyers.

Curriculum Overview

Week 1

Sports in the Context of Law

This course uses the regulation of amateur athletics as the basis for a conceptual introduction to sports law, establishing the field as an intersection of business law with sports. Taught by Professor Rob Illig.

Economics of Sports

In order to properly represent a client, lawyers must first understand the client’s economic goals and pressure points. This course introduces the business of sports by examining the role that finance plays in shaping the industry. Taught by Professor Dennis Howard.

Bonus Lecture: Sports and Tax

Considers the special tax aspects of players’ and coaches’ contracts, as well as tax issues implicated by the non-profit status of most sports leagues. Presented by Professor Roberta Mann.

Week 2

Race and Gender in Sports

The history and evolution of sports in the United States are intertwined with issues of race and gender. This course examines the impact of Title IX as well as the law’s response to racial and gender-based discrimination in sports. Taught by Professor Tim Davis.

Sports and Antitrust Law

This course considers the growth and expansion of professional sports leagues together with the antitrust law challenges presented by rival leagues and errant team owners. Also at issue will be the antitrust implications of the NCAA’s near-monopoly on college sports. Taught by Professor Gabe Feldman.

Bonus Lecture: Sports and PEDs

Addresses the unique and troubling challenges posed by performance-enhancing drugs at both the amateur and professional levels. Presented by Professor Gabe Feldman.

Week 3

International Sports Law

This course considers the relationship between the regulation of American athletes by US authorities and the rules and requirements of international competitions like the Olympics, World Cup, and Tour de France. We hope this course will be materially enhanced in 2014 by the presence in Eugene of officials from the world of international track and field. Taught by Professor Maureen Weston.

Sports and Labor Law

This course considers the many labor and employment law issues that complicate a talent-based industry like sports. Taught by Professor Jeremi Duru.

Special Panel Discussion: International Track & Field Regulation

The 2014 running of the IAAF World Junior Championships marks the first time this event has taken place in North America. We hope to capitalize on the presence of multiple international track officials to host a panel discussion on international cooperation in sports. Professor Maureen Weston will lead the panel.

Week 4

NCAA Regulation

University athletics’ compliance with the NCAA’s nearly 500-page rulebook has grown into a significant practice area for sports lawyers. This course will provide an overview of compliance issues and also examine the NCAA’s role in disciplining schools like Penn State, USC, Oregon, and Miami. Taught by Professor Jo Potuto.

Sports and Intellectual Property

The sports industry is a subset of the larger entertainment industry. This course examines intellectual property issues relevant to professional and amateur sports, including the marketing and branding of athletics and the use (and misuse) of images. Taught by Professor Eric Priest.

Bonus Lecture: Agents Contracts

This lecture will address the unique aspects of being a sports agent. Presented by industry professionals.

Week 5

Health and Safety in Sports

This course looks at the role of criminal law and torts in athletics. Special attention will be given to the NFL’s concussion litigation and the criminalization of performance-enhancing drugs. Taught by Professor Margie Paris.

Hot Topics in Sports Law

This capstone course is intended to tie up and contextualize the various legal threads that have been covered over the summer. Topics will include the Ed O’Bannon litigation against the NCAA and other relevant issues. Taught by Professor Rob Illig.

Bonus Lecture: Domestic Abuse and Sports Culture

Adressess the unfortunate prevelence of rape and domestic abuse among high-profile athletes, including well-known cases like OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson, and Jovan Belcher. Presented by Professor Merle Weiner.

Workshop: Negotiation in the Context of Sports

This half-day workshop will introduce students to the world of sports negotiation through the use of simulations and hands-on excercises. Led by Oregon Law's award-winning Appropriate Dispute Resolution faculty.

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Disclaimer: The exact details of the curriculum and teaching faculty may be updated from time to time and without notice as we finalize arrangements for the summer.